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Sun Wu-K'ung Dispelling your feeling of stress With stick fighting? Would you like to wave a 6ft wooden staff like Sun Wu-K'ung or a Kung Fu master?
- a staff cannot be lengthened like a magic wand or fly you in the sky.

-But the art of stick fighting in martial arts makes it possible to turn a 1.2 kg oak stick into a bird's feather-light weight.

Then please try TMBH (Total Mental & Body Health) care programs and join in our classes!

When you suffer from the fall of the motivation, a feeling of stress.
- TMBH care programs allow your mind and body to be refreshed, relieving stress that depresses you, and encourage you to challenge new goals.

If you are unsatisfied with your present performance, physical movement, or perceiving limits of your abilities for improvement.
- TMBH care programs help you release tension and create water-flowing-like, open-minded and energetic performance or dancing.

If you get tired hanging in a digital and virtual world created by playing PC, game machines etc., why not challenge yourself who has potentially a creative world by practicing stick fighting?

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Shintaido art of stick fighting
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TMBH practical skill class: Neri-Ai Dojo
(To 10 people of biggest capacity.)
Purposes and Effects
1). Improvements in slightly unhealthy mental or physical conditions of an individual in an organization due to burdensome human relations;harmonizing mind and body, and building up strong-willed immunity to stress and pursuing goals, which lead to reinforcing organization.

Aren't you in trouble with your students(or subordinates) who lacks the will to study(or work)? TMBH which is my practice course that can change them better!

2). Improvements of basic athletic-capabilities, concentration, team spirit of various sports (e.g. baseball and soccer) and of artistry of artistic-expression sports including social dancing and pair-sports.

Shintaido calls "Zeroing" when you are in a state all strains of the whole body are released and the mind and body are unified. An ultimate goal of practicing sports or physical movements is to reach to such a state. TMBH program includes a practice menu aiming to the zeroing.

TMBH care program's superior balance movement promotes good posture, style, and development of trunk muscles.

Regardless of his or her age, gender or physical strength, anyone who has normal physical ability can enjoy TMBH care programs, which initiate with joyful and simple lessons.

Nobuhiro Kiyokawa (TMBH group top instructor - Total Body health care adviser)

neriai Senior Instructor of Shintaido* (20 year career), Third-Dan ranking in Shintaido Bojutsu, Massage and Shiatsu Practitioner (qualified in 1985)

Assistant instructor
Sun Wu-K'ung Yumiko Kiyokawa(Representative TMBH Group, Bojutsu, first kyu)
Shintaido* was founded by Hiroyuki Aoki, Representative of

TMBH Office
16-138 Higashi Mobara, Mobara, Chiba, 297-0032, Japan

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