Sales Goods price list
Goods listed below are sold to those who have participated a Trial Lesson Course and applied for overseas lesson Course in which an instructor usually dispatched from Japan is teaching.
Sale is made after the conclusion of a Trial Course.

Classification of goods【Practice goods・Books DVD TMBH Goods】
The (*) of please explained the tagged GOODS below the URL
NPO Shintaido

Practice wear(Original)

Practice suit (jacket)(TMBH ORIGINAL〜ORIGINAL Embroidery is entered)
Production by order
Price: \15000(estimate)

Practice wear

Practice suit (jacket)
Price: \5400

Practice suit (Trousers)
Price: \4900

Brand name: Stick(Bo)
Price: \9000

Brand name: A stick(Jo)
Price: \6000

Brand name: Bag (for sticks)
Price: \4000

Brand name: Bag (for sticks-Jo)
Price: \4000

A brand name: An obi
Price: \1500

Brand name: Tabi
Price: \3000

Books DVD

brand name:An "art of stick fighting video for stress-relieving" DVD(115min)
Price: \4900


brand name:Shintaido(English)
Price: \3300(*)

brand name:Shintaido(French)
Price: \3300(*)

TMBH Goods

brand name:TMBH Original T-Shirt(1)
Price: \1800

brand name:TMBH Original T-Shirt(2)
Price: \1800

brand name:TMBH Original Grand coat
Price: \4500

brand name:TMBH Original Grand coat
Price: \4500