Features and Effects of Main Exercises
The purpose in using a staff or short staff, which was previously used as a weapon, is not for competition with others for physical strength or swiftness. Please treat it rather as a holy tool that enables us to connect ourselves with others for mutual cultivation of the spirit and for training hard.

Prepare mind and body for action with full movements representing directionality and liberation. (see Photograph)

Effect; Raise balance and flexibility of the whole body and directionality as well, leading to next exercises smoothly.

Sun Wu-K'ung
Trial Lesson(Warming-up exercises-Digest)≒10Min Trial Lesson

Opening or "Breaking- out" (SHINSHIN-KAIHATSU); Expand physical awareness of the body relaxed by warm-ups. (see movies)
Effect; Activate and refresh mind and body in a short time as Shintaido's unique exercise.

Touching, Tachi Jump, Shizumikomi, Kouten

Bojyutsu Kihon Taigi
Ten Nage, Kacchi Bo(Stick),Balance Bo(Stick),Jagura Bo(Stick)
The stick fighting includes basic techniques that enable you to unify with a stick.

Partner Excersize Neri-Ai; Keeping a point of contact on staffs or short staffs held by a pair, who stand at a proper distance and release tension in shoulders, try to move the tool in harmonization with your partner to create directionality and liberation. Slow and meditative music enhances the harmonization. (see movies)

Effect: Continuing practice will result in gradually opening mutual minds and bodies (releasing stress) and unifying them through the staff. Experience gained from this practice enhances concentration necessary to achieve goals and help you learn Iri-mi described by the ancient Japanese martial arts.

Balance Bo(Stick),Jagura Bo(Stick)

Ten Nage, Partner exercises (NERI-AI)

Partner exercises (NERI-AI) with hands
This practice consist of several forms and help you learn the IRI-MI without using the staff.

Effect; Direct contact with hands instead of the staff gives you more awareness of the effectiveness of movements against your partner.