FAQ's/Shintaido Bojutsu
Q.1 I have not usually done physical exercises nor sports activities, can I keep up with bo practice?
A.1 There is no need to worry. Amount of practice is tailored to one's physical strength, so even if you are not confident of your physical strength, practice menu is designed as having no problem to continue. (In addition, physical strength is gradually built up as you keep practicing.)

Q.2 What is a bo like?
It is a specially made stick made of white oak, whose length is 180cm and of thickness 3cm in diameter. In addition to this average type, there are three options of lighter weight to best fit depending on one's height and physical strength. We recommend you to choose the one you feel little heavy in your first impression. You will get used to it as it becomes comfortable in your hands.

Q.3 Do you put any protector during practice? Don't you get hurt?
A.3 We do not wear any protector during practice. Kumite practice with bo done in pairs is conducted with forms of attacking and receiving in set manners. Unless you relax your attention, you will not get hurt.

Q4. Is there any match for bojyutsu?
A.4 No, there is no match. The aim of practice is not to win nor lose. Everybody does practice according with his/her own pace. There is kumibo, in which we do in pairs and one attacks and the other receives the attack. Yet forms of attacking and receiving are done in all set manners, so this is not a match.

About Shintaido Bojutsu (Stick-fighting)

 I would like to introduce you to the history of Shintaido Bojutsu (Stick-fighting) that lead me to establish the New Bojutsu (Stick-fighting) Technique for Stress Relief, which I have just started teaching.

Shintaido Bojutsu (Stick-fighting) was founded by Mr. Hiroyuki Aoki and has provided the foundation for establishing the New Bojutsu (Stick-fighting) Technique for Stress Relief.

In his book, Mr. Aoki mentioned: gShintaido Bojutsu has a very pure impression and an extremely strict system of practice, which is why I thought of creating a kind of body practice that is more approachable, fun and interesting.h The New Bojutsu (Stick-fighting) Technique for Stress Relief that I have developed this time indeed came from a similar intention.

 Shintaido was created by Mr. Aoki and about 30 of his devoted martial arts students(Rakuten-kai) that he gathered at the time(1965~1968). The intensity of their practice and devotion to mastering truly effective techniques were definitely beyond words (please refer to his book gHikari ni Mauh).

Furthermore, behind the birth of Shintaido was Mr. Aokifs first master Mr. Shigeru Egami (1912~1981) and Mr. Egamifs master, Mr. Gichin Funakoshi (1868~1957). I believe it is also an unwavering fact that various masters such as the founder of Aikido, Mr. Morihei Ueshiba (1883~1969), and his nephew Mr. Noriaki Inoue (1902~1994), the founder of Shinwataido that Mr. Egami met during his research on gEffective Techniquesh, also provided him the driving force for the creation of Shintaido.

Mr. Shigeru Egami &Mr.Hiroyuki Aoki

Along with preserving the tradition of body practice handed down from his masters, Mr. Aoki stepped forward into a new dimension, which we might call the gSuper-Body Practiceh, to complete his creation of the Shintaido Culture.

Needless to say, many people from around the world have been influenced by Mr. Aokifs innovative creation, the Shintaido Culture. Examples include the internationally acknowledged trumpet player, Toshinori Kondo, as well as the high achievements of Mr. Aokifs Tenshin Calligraphy School students that have been winning many prizes in major Chinese Calligraphy Exhibitions. Mr. Kondo mentions clearly that his encounter with Shintaido in his youth was what gave him the motivation to start his career as a musician internationally. It is striking to see how Mr. Aoki himself as a person, as well as his creations, constantly keep progressing and deepening to this day. Mr. Aoki has also been actively engaged in social action programs such as providing educational support to people living in poverty in China and the Philippines (please refer to the Tenshinkai website).

I strongly feel the lively tradition of this Shintaido Culture created by Mr. Aoki flowing at the base of the New Bojutsu (Stick-fighting) Technique for Stress Relief that I have featured in this website. Currently, Shintaido is practiced in various countries around the world such as in the United States, France, England, and Italy, and continues to spread around the world.