Applied cudgel
Shinshin kaihatsu(2)
Kaikyaku-zenshin(dai) Kamikaze Attack

Basic techniques for a staff or short staff
Sun Wu-K'ung Learn how to use the tool and basic techniques. (see movies)
Effect; Continuing practice will unify mind and body and enhance concentration.

Daijyoudan Uchioroshi, Jyoudan uchikomi

TAISHI or HI NO KATA (form) and partner exercises with staffs or short staffs
They represent essence of concentrated and purified movements to escape from a predicament at a field of battle. (see movies)
Effect: Soften mind and body, enhance concentration and provide an opportunity to experience better relationship with others through partner exercises.

Taishi No Kata, Hi No Kata

Basic Kumibo
Daijyoudan Uchioroshi VS Ichimonjiuke, Jyodanuchikomi VS Ichimonjiuke

Application of Stick Fighting for Stress
Yonhon Kumibo, Shinjo (sho)

Other types of senior
Mizu No Kata, Shirotaru No Kon

The following key terms are often used in our classes but it may be difficult to understand their meanings literally, so please grasp them as physical expressions.

EIKO (Glory)
It expresses a concept of what your self and relation to others should be when searching for truth with physical movements, and could be a key to achieving your goals and completing techniques.

It means five expressions of cosmic truth and you can identify yourself, pursuing Eiko world through practicing this form.